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Welcome To, Sisimi

I’m a Blogger, Coach, Speaker, Organic Farmer and a strong believer in multiple streams of income.

I love to share tips on natural health, wellness and mindfulness. I also love to share some of my random personal experiences especially in multiple streams of income.

My main goal is to share knowledge and I am eager to learn from your experiences too. Let’s say it is a learning place.



In order to live your best life, it’s essential for you to take care of yourself. Maintaining a lifestyle that supports a healthy mind and body is important. We’ll work together to ensure that you schedule time for self-care in your daily and weekly routines.

Mary was wonderful to work with! She listened whenever I needed her to, then gave me valuable and practical suggestions to help me reach my goals. She coached me to a life with less stress, more confidence, and a successful career. Thank you, Mary! Your program has been invaluable.
– Satisfied Customer
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